The first batch is up, the list will expand.


I’ll be selling (or trading) some tapes and CD’s in order to make ends meet. Most of them are in mint condition. Keep an eye out for a full list that will be published soon.

About Weed Temple

To stop the wave of suicides that apparently hit the English-speaking part of the Internet after my decision to quit doing WT for a while here’s a lovely “About Me” section with a now-cult photo of me with a basket of shrooms to save the last few remaining readers who haven’t taken their entire stashes of drugs and jumped out of their windows while blasting Fushitsusha at full volume.

About Weed Temple

Time for a break


Dear Readers, the time has come when I have to suspend the activity of Weed Temple until further notice.

The last few months have been exceptionally difficult both in terms of personal life and managing Weed Temple. The months between April and June have created some sort of bad luck triumvirate, each of these evens was bad of their own, but together they formed a sort of a tsunami wave that just drowned me relentlessly. First, I lost my job. Then, I lost my father (fuck you, cancer). Finally, I broke up with my fiancee with whom I’ve spent almost five years. I need some time to clear things up and get over it.

Thank you all for your cassettes, CD’s and vinyls I got, you all do an amazing job, following your dreams and realizing them in material form. I apologize to all those who are waiting for a write-up about their music and may never see it. There’s just too many of them and it’s becoming overwhelming, especially for one person.

Due to the aforementioned circumstances, I’m not much in the mood to write about music. I’m also at a point when I’m facing a serious risk of burning out, and that’s the last thing I want to happen, because I love music and writing about it. I want my writing to be fresh, interesting and engaging, but that demands some focus and will, the two things I’m missing at the moment.

This is not the end of Weed Temple. I’ll definitely come back, maybe in a month, maybe in half a year. I don’t know yet. I just need to take some time, put my life back into pieces and gain some distance. Maybe that’s what I need: a few months of collecting ideas and thoughts might be great for the blog in the long run. We’ll see.

I’ll probably continue to write some small news or articles for other websites, such as Tiny Mix Tapes, but Weed Temple will have to wait until it gets its fire burning again.

Thank you all for your support. I hope that Weed Temple will return as soon as possible. I don’t want to force it. I’ll come back when I feel ready. I need a breath of fresh air to continue doing this. I hope you understand and respect my decision. If you’d like to help, please donate using the button at the top of the page.

Your devot’d Author,
Jakub Adamek

Magik Markers – Some Funk for Tunc and Squeo

Some great new material from Magik Markers, released via the Arbitrary Signs label Bandcamp just a few weeks ago, proving that the good ol’ free rock Markers are not dead. Some Funk for Tunc and Squeo is a sort of a tribute album for two people: visual artist Michael Tunc, obsessed with detail and Magik Markers, and Tiny Mix Tapes editor Squeo, who’s also obsessed with Magik Markers, basically. Some Funk… greatly combines the distorted, freewheeling side of the band with their penchant for calmer, more melodic pieces. Of course, the opening 13 minute jam is the standout here, providing some tortured guitar processed beyond recognition over the funky, sleazy bass line and unassuming, yet impressive drumming… Magik Markers manage to completely blur the track of time, making 13 minutes feel like 3 minutes and making the listener to rewing to the beginning again… Such is the magik of those Markers. Highly recommended!

Moonwood – Hexperience

Are you hexperienced? That’s the question eveyone should ask themselves before commencing this 60 minute cassette by the Toronto based krautrock/psychedelic group Moonwood. Think of two jams, each half an hour long, which explores this mapless territory of drone-laden communal trippiness that just fluctuates slowly, rising slightly above the constant drones, like a hallucination of an improvised hippie jamming – a bit like Datashock’s Keine Oase in Sicht, with some great female worldess vocals added. This is the kind of psychedelia that doesn’t worship the amplifier or illustrate bucolic visions of nature. Instead we get the freeform, open-ended sonic tapestry that doesn’t really go anywhere, but in case of this tape we’re more content with the process of travelling itself than the destination.

Lightning Glove – Radical Zoo (Nothing)

Good God, just leave me floating in those Evian Christ-inspired nervous post-punk synth fluctutations of the opening “Brave New World” and I’ll be set forever. I think, at least. This beast comes from Prague, which is suprising, because it recalls some distinctively dystopian Londonian neighborhoods more than the classicism of Prague, untouched by war. Prague was touched by totalitarianism, however, and it can be heard here – the sound is autoritarian, cold and sometimes punishing. Very rhythmical, basically everything is slave to the rhythm here, in a cold, sorta mathematical way, but not without some worn out club appeal. Something for those blurry, half-drunk, half-energetic night trips when you don’t know whether you want to listen or you want to sleep. Let the digital glove touch you. Recommended!