Various Artists – Guruguru Brain Wash

There’s a new Japanese record label on the block, and it’s desperate to catch every aspect of new psychedelic rock that’s emerging right now in Japan. Knowing that Japan has a really long and fertile tradition of psychedelia, from the extended hippie jams of Flower Travellin’ Band to the white noise romantism of Les Rallizes Denudes and extreme jam homages of Acid Mothers Temple and the black hole apocalypse visions of Fushitsusha and the endless supersonic ascent of Boredoms, it’s a country that’s full of different ideas of psychedelic music. And the guys from Guruguru Brain take the torch of Japanese psych vanguard with grace and class. The Guruguru Brain Wash compilation manages to contain different shades of modern-day Japanese guitar psychedelia, from pop-oriented sunshine jams with some killer radio potential to labyrintine hallucinations stretching over several minutes, filled with soloes and distorted, illusory basslines. And the best thing is, the whole thing is available for free! Download it now, it’s a lengthy exploration of Japanese minds, but it’s totally worth it! Highly recommended!!!


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