Lightning Glove – Radical Zoo (Nothing)

Good God, just leave me floating in those Evian Christ-inspired nervous post-punk synth fluctutations of the opening “Brave New World” and I’ll be set forever. I think, at least. This beast comes from Prague, which is suprising, because it recalls some distinctively dystopian Londonian neighborhoods more than the classicism of Prague, untouched by war. Prague was touched by totalitarianism, however, and it can be heard here – the sound is autoritarian, cold and sometimes punishing. Very rhythmical, basically everything is slave to the rhythm here, in a cold, sorta mathematical way, but not without some worn out club appeal. Something for those blurry, half-drunk, half-energetic night trips when you don’t know whether you want to listen or you want to sleep. Let the digital glove touch you. Recommended!


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