Magik Markers – Some Funk for Tunc and Squeo

Some great new material from Magik Markers, released via the Arbitrary Signs label Bandcamp just a few weeks ago, proving that the good ol’ free rock Markers are not dead. Some Funk for Tunc and Squeo is a sort of a tribute album for two people: visual artist Michael Tunc, obsessed with detail and Magik Markers, and Tiny Mix Tapes editor Squeo, who’s also obsessed with Magik Markers, basically. Some Funk… greatly combines the distorted, freewheeling side of the band with their penchant for calmer, more melodic pieces. Of course, the opening 13 minute jam is the standout here, providing some tortured guitar processed beyond recognition over the funky, sleazy bass line and unassuming, yet impressive drumming… Magik Markers manage to completely blur the track of time, making 13 minutes feel like 3 minutes and making the listener to rewing to the beginning again… Such is the magik of those Markers. Highly recommended!


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