Moonwood – Hexperience

Are you hexperienced? That’s the question eveyone should ask themselves before commencing this 60 minute cassette by the Toronto based krautrock/psychedelic group Moonwood. Think of two jams, each half an hour long, which explores this mapless territory of drone-laden communal trippiness that just fluctuates slowly, rising slightly above the constant drones, like a hallucination of an improvised hippie jamming – a bit like Datashock’s Keine Oase in Sicht, with some great female worldess vocals added. This is the kind of psychedelia that doesn’t worship the amplifier or illustrate bucolic visions of nature. Instead we get the freeform, open-ended sonic tapestry that doesn’t really go anywhere, but in case of this tape we’re more content with the process of travelling itself than the destination.


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