Riohv – Moondance


The work of the 22 year old Ottawa based producer Braden Thompson aka Riohv comes with one of the most mind-bogglingly cute artworks I’ve seen this year. The sound of 1080p debut tape Moondance is equally quirky and elusive, avoiding any clear descriptions as the artwork itself – definitely fun and weird at the same time. It’s a scrambled collage of minimal house, dusty repetitions and far-flung escursions into the prime time drone zone, perfected on “Nowhere Now”, where bursts of vibrating, reverbated synth explode over a looped sample of a chattering crowd, like Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909” by way of early OPN. Even the older ones will find something for themselves here with the occasional washes of 90’s acid house nostalgia.


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Kissy Suzuki – Proposte Monochrome


Kissy Suzuki is back with a new album – and it’s just as sprawling, huge and completely enveloping as ever. When the first track on your new release is longer than what most ambient heavyweights can crank out on their full albums, then it means you must be in for some next level shit. And Proposte Monochrome is the next level. The title track is the ambient’s ambient, the purest, most distilled ambient one can get, complete with huge drones that move at a truly geological pace (using the word “glacial” would be speeding it up too much) and experience-enhancing field recordings woven into the fabric. A tribute to the gone-too-early genius Yves KleinProposte Monochrome works like a musical translation of one of his intense blue paintings, hypnotic in their minimalism and emotionally stimulating in their subtlety.

Pre-order the CD from Soft Records. Out today.

Goat – Commune



Finally, after a few months of solitude and preparation, I’ve cleared up some of the fog in my life and got through all those bad vibes. Now the skies are clearer and the air is colder. And the autumn is going to be wonderful. I knew I had to come back with something that will kick you straight in the brain and here it is, straight from the oven, still hot from all the Sahara sun – the new album by the already legendary hyper-mysterious Swedish Nomads GoatCommune!It’s as heavy and kicking as ever, with some fried desert blues added to the fuzzy bass and the powerful vocals of the two female wailers who sound like possessed by some of those pagan spirits. The new LP is probably hotter and more trance-inducing than the debut, so instead of just smoking some dank ass weed, the Swedes must have also taken some ibogaine and seal the deal with some hash to create this furnace of an album. This is one hell of a ride.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Weed Temple will make a return this month. Stay tuned.