Kissy Suzuki – Proposte Monochrome


Kissy Suzuki is back with a new album – and it’s just as sprawling, huge and completely enveloping as ever. When the first track on your new release is longer than what most ambient heavyweights can crank out on their full albums, then it means you must be in for some next level shit. And Proposte Monochrome is the next level. The title track is the ambient’s ambient, the purest, most distilled ambient one can get, complete with huge drones that move at a truly geological pace (using the word “glacial” would be speeding it up too much) and experience-enhancing field recordings woven into the fabric. A tribute to the gone-too-early genius Yves KleinProposte Monochrome works like a musical translation of one of his intense blue paintings, hypnotic in their minimalism and emotionally stimulating in their subtlety.

Pre-order the CD from Soft Records. Out today.


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