Horse Lords – “Outer East”

Hidden Cities, to be released by NNA Tapes on November 4, is the second release proper by the Baltimore based krautmath team Horse Lords. With the opening monster “Outer East”, it becomes pretty clear that what we’re dealing with here is a condenter for an AOTY title, even if it’s gonna be in the deep underground section (which is a crying shame). Horse Lords redefine the meaning of krautrock, infusing the truly Germanic sense of rhythmical ordnung with some of those african polyrythms and minimalist composers obsession with alternative tunings, where one of the guitars becomes a playground for experiments with just intonation. On the course of the 13-minute jam, the sounds the band oscillate between arabesque math rock and sloppy dub with some Terry Riley smeared on the top. And that’s not even the entire first side. I’m telling you, Hidden Cities is going to be the bomb. But you have to find out for yourself. Pre-order the LP now and get yourself armed with some patience, because this will blow your mind.


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