De Tuinen – Minor Function


Beer on the Rug comes back with some refreshingly non-vaporwave material from the likes of YYU and Tilburg, Netherlands based sound magician De TuinenMintor Function is 45 minutes of perfectly zoned out trippertronic/kosmische electronic areas with one of the greatest openings I’ve heard in quite some time, with a meticulous sound design resembling a vintage control deck booting up in a rusty spacecraft, with a tired voice saying “press control shift” to the hum of old computers. It’s a deep, multilayered journey through different shades of the subconscious, both soaked with oldschool technology (thus recalling the futuristically mystical early works of Oneohtrix Point Never) and clinging to nature and found sound manipulation (a’la Dolphins Into the Future). It’s a fascinating soundworld, nearly an hour of synth-induced eargasms. Highly recommended!


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