Enchanted Hunters – Peoria

Now here’s a great album for those who want to listen to something psychedelic, but not “doing backflips into the mouth of a black hole” psychedelic. The Polish band Enchanted Hunters channels some of the best vibes of the classic psychedelic folk moments with angelic, crystalline vocals and catchy, bucolic melodies into a slightly trippy, flute-driven happy go lucky psych without any sudden damaged guitar solos or sensory overload. Just a quiet, gentle ride through some almost pop vibes. This is the kind of album you play when you smoke weed with your new girlfriend for the first time and you don’t want to make her catchy any bad trips. Recommended!


Various Artists – A Berry Feast 2014


Boy, now is this one a trip! A special album released by the Feathered Coyote Records commemorating the Berry Feast, an even that took part on the outskirts of Wien in September 2014 featuring all the artists who performed at the festival. It’s an ecletic cross-section of both the label’s scope and how broadly can the term “psychedelic” understood by the vaeriety of acts from Central and Western Europe, beaming the rays from Austria, Germany, Russia, Ireland and many more. There’s dubby drone, freaky folk, angelic ambience, free rock and much more. Get it in cassette or listen via Bandcamp. Highly recommended!


Avery Gabbiano – Oil On Oak


There is something strangely appealing about artists or labels about whom almost no information can be found on the Internet. In this day and age of existing simultaneously on several social networks and adding constantly fighting to stay on the top in the data stream, those who decide to not disclose much come off almost as hermits, which makes them intriguing and interesting, even if there’s not much to the whole mystery. Such is the case with Avery Gabbiano from the Baltimore based entity named Woven Autonomo Collective. Oil On Oak cassette collects field recordings, bell-heavy minimalism and deep ambience into a meticulously crafted, atmospheric work reminscent of Bee Mask’s found sound romance moments or one of Loren Chasse’s numerous solo projects that walked the line between nature recordings and droning ambient meditations. Gabbiano’s work might present itself as difficult, but it’s bliss once you give it a few chances.


Kucharczyk – Demon Techno w Okularach


The 120 BPM Ethos lives on, as Skoczów based technoid humanoid Wojciech Kucharczyk proves on his cassette Demon Techno w Okularach (translated as “Techno Demon in Spectacles”, a description of Kucharczyk found by him in a magazine coverage of one of his concerts), released (and unfortunately sold out!) by the Mik.Musik.!. label. The album itself is an intense ride kept together by the unstoppable 120 BPM mantra, pulsing through every mood and melody as they come and go throughout its 60 minute course. It’s wobbly, it’s punk, it’s often rough and in the red, forcing the sound to get compressed and mutated, but never skipping a beat, not even a single one. Let this techno demon possess you. Highly recommended!


Comoc – Firenze


This came from completely nowhere and took me by surprise like few things before. It started with an email. With a cover that made me think of some medieval/vaguely psychedelic folk revival thing, the sounds emanating from the speakers collided with medieval imagery. Dank beats, swooping synth lines, angelic samples thrown here and there, footwork madness unwinding gave a new meaning of the Polish prododucer Comoc‘s imagination of Florence. Told with beats, it shows that influence can span above many areas, even many centuries, inspiring radically different approach to “high” literature or culture. And come to think of that, those dudes on the cover sport some serious swag. Like medieval Hood by Air and shit.


Ausrastys – 地獄

Hamilton, Canada based electronic producer and musician Dave Remmler a.k.a. Renard Queenston operates in a variety of musical styles, mainly based around neon-colored, flashy chitpunes and rapid tempos, publishing most of his material through his own netlabel LapFoxTrax. His Aurastys project is one of his darkest and most experimental ventures, and 地獄 seems to be covered with fallout from listening habits extending far beyond Renard’s main mode of operation; there are glimpses of Autechre, the whole Raster.noton catalogue (imagine Alva Noto on steroids), even Deathprod going through a swamp (genuinely creepy “Sludge Pits”). There are moments of hard, thumping industrial styles and EDM that try to fight with the corroded synthesizer noise. Lots of sonic hallucinations that collide with stranded echoes and half-baked song structures – or completely baked, in a wholy different sense.


Wett Nurse – Hissy Fit


I love this thing when a good music blog turns into an even better ultra-indie tape/record/net label. Ongakubaka blog comes forth with their own new startup, named simply Ongakubaka Records. Their first release is a burning, ass-kicking garage psych cassette Hissy Fit by the Portland based quartet Wett Nurse. The tape is a lo-fi psychosis, filled with catchy riffs and ear-burning distortion that sounds like Obelix who took bath in a pool full of Thee Oh Sees records when it was a kid. It even comes with a groovy as fuck farfisa organ and snotty, punky vocals. Check this one out. Recommended.

EDIT: HA HA! This is my post number 666! Good to have some appropriate satanick musick (rock) here.