Avery Gabbiano – Oil On Oak


There is something strangely appealing about artists or labels about whom almost no information can be found on the Internet. In this day and age of existing simultaneously on several social networks and adding constantly fighting to stay on the top in the data stream, those who decide to not disclose much come off almost as hermits, which makes them intriguing and interesting, even if there’s not much to the whole mystery. Such is the case with Avery Gabbiano from the Baltimore based entity named Woven Autonomo Collective. Oil On Oak cassette collects field recordings, bell-heavy minimalism and deep ambience into a meticulously crafted, atmospheric work reminscent of Bee Mask’s found sound romance moments or one of Loren Chasse’s numerous solo projects that walked the line between nature recordings and droning ambient meditations. Gabbiano’s work might present itself as difficult, but it’s bliss once you give it a few chances.



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