Kucharczyk – Demon Techno w Okularach


The 120 BPM Ethos lives on, as Skoczów based technoid humanoid Wojciech Kucharczyk proves on his cassette Demon Techno w Okularach (translated as “Techno Demon in Spectacles”, a description of Kucharczyk found by him in a magazine coverage of one of his concerts), released (and unfortunately sold out!) by the Mik.Musik.!. label. The album itself is an intense ride kept together by the unstoppable 120 BPM mantra, pulsing through every mood and melody as they come and go throughout its 60 minute course. It’s wobbly, it’s punk, it’s often rough and in the red, forcing the sound to get compressed and mutated, but never skipping a beat, not even a single one. Let this techno demon possess you. Highly recommended!



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