555 – Swan River Yogue


Yet another slab of heavenly, spirit-lifting ambience from “Time Architect” Chris Farstad of the Food Pyramid fame. Just like a good architect can stretch an enclosed space to look much bigger than it actuyally is, Farstad does quite the same, fitting seemingly infinite progressive electronic suites on the course of a few minutes (the tracks are rather short for an almost classic ambient album). He just knows how to construct time perception & shit. The material on the cassette was based on the live performance of Swan River Yoga in New Orleans. Which means it is there to provide you enlightenment. And you better achieve some.


PC Worship – Toxic Love


While the name PC Worship might suggest something purely electronic, these New York based junkies play some seriously damaged garage psych, channeling the classic slacker rock vibes of Royal Trux or other overdriven deconstructionists that will suck you in with its bluesy vibes and a wonderful atmosphere of not giving a single fuck. So if you’ve got some water jewels and you’re a potheat loser (like me), listen to this and have a hazy Christmas. 🙂 Highly recommended!


Driftmachine – Nocturnes


Nocturnes, released by the Berlin based duo Driftmachine on Umor Rex, tries to scare you in the beginning with its cold tones and ascetic atmosphere, sounding like an abandoned airport or hospital – but not a rusty, run-down one – but a sterile, clean one, completely absent of people for some inexplicable reason. That’s even more scary. But later the music gets warmer and the beats get more upbeat, sometimes becoming robotic dub, at other times a Loscil-like ambient IDM meditation. Driftmachine really build machines to make you drift. Recommended!


La Morte Young – La Morte Young EP


Following the excellent and haunting debut album from 2013, the French primordial molten drone riff lords La Morte Young return with a self-titled EP album released on Death Carnival Records. While the opening shortie “Whisper of Dharma 3” suggests a continuation of the post-human amplified noise, it’s quieter and more nuanced, even though it’s still as improvised and structureless and version 1 and 2. The following “When Angels Speak of Love” sees La Morte Young at their most organized to date, throwing a simple drum pattern in the vein of Les Rallizes Dénudés but without the overdriven Mizutani guitar, this time replace with a lush, almost shoegaze sensitiivity. Suddenly, these barbaric orcs show their softer side. Intriguing.


Stara Rzeka / Innercity Trio / ARRM – Split

This cassette, released by Warsaw label Wounded Knife (the owner is a throughly cool guy with an amazing beard) is a split between some heavyweights of Polish experimental music including the solo projekt of Kuba Ziołek Stara Rzeka (which translates to English as “Old River”), the Bydgoszcz based Innercity Trio and the psychedelic rock unit ARRM (who have changed radically since their no wave beginnings on the SQRT label). All three projects present a different take on the meaning of psychedelia, Stara Rzeka crafting a dense, primordial tapestry of found sounds, noisy ambience, creepy echoes gradually transforming into primitive ragas which seem to repeat forever until they get lost in the droning white light. Innercity Trio play cavernous, beatific free jazz which seems to be emanating from a lost mine, and ARRM portray a vast vista of barren ground and hot winds of American deserts through slow-paced, echoing drone rock reminiscent of late Earth or Barn Owl. Highly recommended!


Kogumaza – Kолокол


The British appear to have some of the most underground and the best psychedelic rock today, and this year’s Kолокол by the Nottingham based kraut kavemen Kogumaza are a good proof that the need for seedy, hazy repeating riff ritual is very well alive amoung the subterranean dwellers of the English land. Buried in bass and fuzz, it emanates the droning beauty in the vein of Spacemen 3, although with even more empahsis on looping, hypnotic properties of the psychedelic stream of consiousness, dotted by synth phasers and groovy basslines. Music to melt your brain to. Highly recommended!


K. – No Longer Trust These Eyes of Mine

The new Warsaw label Jasień debuted earlier this tape with a cassette (re)issue of Jakub Lemiszewski’s 30 Minut and have been gradually building their image and presence since. One of their newest offering is the crystalline dark ambience of the mysterious drone explorer known simply as K. The title might suggest hallucinations, suggesting a sense of betrayment from one’s own organs. The tape tries to translate these false visions into smeared, hallucinatory sounds that stretch way beyond what the track running lengths might suggest. Recommended!