Jakub Lemiszewski – HERMES


It’s been a long Christmas and New Year break, with all the free time stretching into one big party playing in slow motion, pumping me with some fresh new ideas and allowing me to finalize and reach some of the goals I’ve started planning last year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have sarted a netlabel with a concept. Optiplex is meant to be a vessel for plunderphonics, sound collages, tape music and all sorts of playing around with samples and forward-thinking forms of experimental and psychedelic music. I must admit I am immensely proud to present you Optiplex and the first release from the label – which is also available on Bandcamp!

HERMES by the dangerously talented Jakub Lemiszewski explores upon the idea of dusty, vaporwave-infused plunderphonics that just keep looping forever until they just drive the listener insane and become a method of torture, like a devilish crossbreeding of Negativland and Co La into a syrupy, tropical fever hallucinations which mangle pop standards into to allow for the fear to seep in. It’s warped, it’s mad, it’s brilliant. ENJOY!



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