My Drunken Haze – My Drunken Haze

Guessing by the sounds on this album and the cover, the Greek band’s Drunken Haze idea of alcohol inebration is getting drunk just enough to feel positively tipsy without ever losing control, yet still getting frivolous enough to expose a bit of the body and do some alluring poses. This is is the kind of band that has some underground indie smash hit potential but stays relatelively obscure until one day WHAMMO! some popular unfunny fuck like PewDiePie uses it in one of their movies and it gets elevated into Internet stardom with ADHD infested kiddos blasting it on repeat for one day and forgetting it the next day, while the hipsters foam at their mouths and spill their craft beer on the floor in protest. Oops, I’m talking about myself again. In all seriousness though, My Drunken Haze is a lovely fresh wave of 60’s influenced psych pop sound with some Technicolor haze on top of it. Damn, I’d take those tie-dye kids over PC Music any day. Or I’m just getting old. Recommended!


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