Cloudsound – II

The Roman numeral in the title of the new album by Lee Boyd’s solo vehicle Cloudsound brings to mind another album with a Roman numeral by a certain New Zealand guitar wizard who also relied on soothing, ambient influenced string vistas: Roy Montgomery. Just like his albums, the sounds of Cloudsound rely on musical impressionism, to paint a certain feeling, place of time through a “moon gaze” meditation, but Soundcloud seems to be going for shorter pieces, becoming sonic equivalents of grainy snapshots taken with an old analog camera instead of lengthy, single-take scenes a’la Tarr or Tarkovsky played by Montgomery 20 years before. It’s a lovely little album, even it’s the one of the “blink and it’s over” variety. Recommended!

For the more ambient-oriented bliss by Cloudsound, make sure to check out “Spirit of Love as Infinite Life”, an equally blissful enterprise!


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