Raphi Gottesman – Signed, Noisemaker

Whoa, are you trying to tell me that this great cassette by the Oakland based guitarist Raphi Gottesman has been released in a run of ONLY 20 copies!? Apparentely, the Swedish label Fluere Tapes loves them some small numbers. Thanfully, it’s still available on the label’s Bandcamp as one of those numerous albums you can discard for being yet another noisy drone cassette (yeah, as f anyone still cared about hazy noise drone – what is this, 2010 or something!?), but which turns out to be an amazing set of post-rocky vistas with a sombre, slowcore edge never falling too far away from its ambient beginnings. Kinda like early Tarentel with a more lo-fi edge that fell in love with some simple guitar effects. Still, amazing. Highly atmospheric, higly recommended!

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