AUN / Rainbow Island – Split

Here’s the first cassette from an interesting conceptual label Körper / Leib: a split tape between the Montreal dark ambient duo AUN and Rome’s psychedelic weirdos Rainbow Island. What might strike you when looking at the “artwork” is the wall of text occupying the space where other cassettes present fancy graphics. Well, it’s all in the label’s manifesto:

Körper / Leib shuns from the graphic-visual dominance in favor of lexicon. Körper is the material shell, Leib is the music itself.

Thus, instead of usual psychedelic distractions we get raw data, or rather – psychedelia in the form of written word, where the trippy qualities of both projects’ music are described in evocative language, also giving some useful information regarding the musicians’ equipment. Floating, shining drones and bubbly synthetic soundscapes that will eagerly assist any sort of trip you’re having. Recommended!


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