Tlaotlon – Natural Devices

As difficult to categorize as he might be, if I was to indicate the most similarly sounding artist to the Melbourne based Tlaotlon (boring, mainstream name: Jeremy Coubrough) it would be Astral Social Club, the brain-child of UK’s notorious acid dropper Neil Campbell. Tlaotlon occupies the same messy, disctincly psychedelic mutant techno zones, with a penchant for meticulous sound production and tons of glitches seeping from every crack in the ethereal texture in the background. But whereas ASC turned more toward the noise end of the spectrum, Tlaotlon’s approach is much more subtle, going instead for a glossy, crystal-clear MIDI madness of modern day hipsternet and taking, as described in liner notes, a “multiple tabs open” approach. Which is pretty acurate – Natural Devices sounds like me opening random links from my e-mails and playing them at once. Very confusing, yet very relaxing.


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