Euglossine – Complex Playground

The new full length by the Gainesville, Florida based music confectioner Stany Bebe a.k.a. Euglossine stands closer to Tortoise’s TNT than, say, Giant Claw’s Dark Web. In fact, it sounds like some sort of cross-polination between TNT and last year’s Hyper Pollen Temple by Kane Pour (interesting fact: Kane Pour’s cassette was released on Elestial Sound, a label run by Euglossine, so it’s safe to say that similiarities are not accidental). What makes it sound to similar to the seminal Chicago post-rock outfit? It’s the elegance, the sophistication, the ability to crank out beautiful, thoughtful melodies, sometimes bordering on synthesized jazz (even if it’s smooth jazz, the strain of jazz most hated by music snobs), while retaining the tooth-rotting sweetness of his previous releases and a knack for joyously frolicking synths. The title nails it perfectly. It’s like you think you’re playing in the children’s playground, but as you play and have fun, everything becomes more complex and more baroque with each second. Refreshing. Recommended!


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