Pure Matrix – Drain

Whoa, an album with a cover featuring shibari bondage that isn’t harsh noise!? Well I never! What we get here instead is a Kosmische asteroid made on Moog and ARP 2800 in New York’s Queens, but could easily pass as one of those monumental analog electronic revivals from mid 00’s/early 10’s Ohio released on half-forgotten homespun labels like Wagon, Rubber City Noise or Hanson Records. The relation between the artwork and the music on the cassette is not accidental: there is constant, slowly growing tension in the cold, alienated raw synthesis which never fires off anywhere – like a skilled, experienced dom tormenting and edging their slave to get close to release, but never quite allowing a full orgasm. Drain does the same, making you think there’s some sort of breakthrough waiting, but it never comes. Leaves you frustrated, but still listening somehow. But that’s how orgasm denial works, kids.


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