Kapital – Chaos to Chaos

If you look close enough at the diamond on the cover, designed by Joanna John, you will see a small photo of World Trade Center standing massive and proud long before 9/11. If you can read Polish, you can read in the liner notes an excerpt from Stanisław Lem’s wonderfully delirious Memoirs found in the bathtub about a mysterious deity known as “Kap-Eh-Thaal” (the capital) personified under the form of “Thoo-Llar” (the dollar) which was worshipped in the area of “Ammer-Ku” (America). This clash of cliche symbols of capitalism and archeology of modern-day phenomena in the deep future is the basis for the cosmic, pulsing psychedelia of Polish duo Kapital, whose newest release Chaos to Chaos indicates the cyclic nature of the world. What is worth billions today, will turn into ashes tomorrow. The music of Kapital is similarly ethereal, fleeing, shimmering and impossible to catch and pin down, always shapeshifting and evolving in a series of primal electronic rhythms and walls of distorted guitar that dissolves into thin air and re-materializes itself through magic. A truly magical record and an eclectic, intense journey. Highly recommended!


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