Polish Nails – Musical Youth

Atlanta based band Polish Nails return to Brutal New York of the early 1980’s with its dilapitated infrastructure, crumbling highways, streets littered with trash, deathzones where it was easier to buy crack than cigarettes and the World Trade Center standing tall and totalitarian above the soot-covered concrete canyons. I’m talking about no wave here obviously, and the screeching, lo-fi sound of the bands is an obvious homage to the sound of DNA or Mars. NYC may be all gentrified and glassy now, but the bleak, rusty sound of no wave lives on and spreads across the world. Recommended!

Calidonia County – The Ghosted Years

Calidonia Caounty is a solo music project of the Brooklyn based graphic designer Ian Ferguson. Carefully crafted over the span of two years and released on Moon Glyph label, The Ghosted Years takes some simple steps which always works: creating wonderful ambient music with guitars and synthesizers, not unlike Manuel Göttsching, Roy Montgomery, Dura, or many more before him. This is the sort of ambient music that doesn’t seek any “non-mainstream”, visionary explanations for their sound, it just seeks for “purity”, as the liner notes state. And the purity can be found here, the attempt at the reconciliation with nature and the surroundings wildlife, as exemplified by the picturesque artwork. It’s reverbed guitar bliss and do we need anything more? Recommended!

Gurun Gurun – Kon B

What do you get when you combine musicians from countries as far apart geographically and culturally as Japan and Czech Republic, take the weirdest parts of both and clash them in a particle collider? Gurun Gurun. This strange vehicle combines ethereal, psychedelic folk with Japanese lyrics with glitchy computer deconstruction somewhere between John Wiese and Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet to achieve utter bewilderment, a combination trippy and creepy, a musical equivalent to the movie “Hausu”, where the wild-eyed confusion meets the feeling of horror and beauty at the same time. Simultaneously confusing, difficult and beautiful. Not for everyone, but definitely an interesting nugget in the way of every sound finder.

Perfume Advert – +200 Gamma

The British duo Perfume Advert are poised to make you serriously irradiated with their follow-up to the 2013’s Tulpaexpanding the minimal house sound with some serious ambient haze on their newest album, released via Opal Tapes imprint. +200 Gamma gets caught in the transition zone between the beat and the atmosphere, resulting in some tracks that balance between being hazy, druggy zones (“Sissy Drip”) and straight-up dancefloor bangers (“+200 Gamma”). Absorb enough radiation from Perfume Advert and you will start glowing. And no amount of anti-rad is going to help that. Highly recommended!