Ptaki – Przelot

Now here’s something absolutely HOT, something I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time, because it’s the second best thing to come out of Poland this year – next to the new Alameda 5, of course. Przelot by the electronic duo Ptaki might be just our national Endtroducing, although with a far dancier edge. Blending the ideas of dub, vintage Polish pop and rock hits, Balearic beat, ambient and many more genres, Ptaki have created a beautiful collection of dreamy summer scenes, perfect for the upcoming heatwaves.

Each track is an eclosed sound-world, created entirely with attention to detail, ear for beautiful melodies and patience for lots of crate-digging. In an interview for Hyponik, members of Ptaki, Jaromir Kamiński and Bartosz Kruczyński explain their own ideas and inspirations behind each track, and many of them become little stories contained within themselves. With some tracks being purely instrumental and with others containing lyrics in Polish, Przelot is universal and catchy, one gets drawn into the hypnotic dubs or sun-kissed hip-hop beats that have an underlying psychedelic atmosphere, as if everything was submersed in a mild narcotic fog. Transatlantyk really have done a hell of a job with this record. Highly recommended, perfect for the summer!


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