Bataille Solaire – Dolby’s ON

OK, so there’s this one thing everybody can agree about, I think: Documentaries by Bataille Solaire were fucking awesome. There’s no denying that. Now Asael Robitaille is back with a whole new album, this time it’s called Dolby’s ON and its cover carries some mind-boggling tennis-related imagery to it. Because, just like a good tennis match this album is almost completely random, fast and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Robitaille ditches retrofuturistic new new new age stylings for something more rhythmic; a bit of a bargain between IDM and footwork, jumping around nervously, yet keeping pace, building intricate patterns out of brutally cut-up snippets of sound. A bit like a chance meeting between a latter, “random” era Autechre and D/P/I. Incredibly intriguing and intricate. Highly recommended!


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