Camera – Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Members of the Berlin based psychedelic band Camera do what I would probably do if I were a German: pay the tribute to the rich musical traditions of 70’s kosmische Musik. Their second album Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide is music by krautrock lovers, for krautrock lovers. All the loveliest elements of the equation are there – motorik drumming, hypnotic jamming, spacious and sunny analog electronics that will make you think it’s 1975 in West Germany all over again. You doo right, Camera.


3 Comments on “Camera – Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide”

  1. pseudonymous says:

    Thats a William Burroughs quote from Nova Express…awesome…great book great tunes

  2. Jakub Adamek says:

    Oh, didn’t know that.. Thanks for the information! I’ve read a few William S. Burroughs novels and stories (I’m currently reading “The Ticket That Exploded”), but didn’t get to check out “Nova Express” yet. Will definitely do! 🙂

  3. Sounds great. Something to play after Neu! 75!

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