Quttinirpaaq – Let’s Hang Out


[ Rural Isolation Project, 2015 ]

(promoting this post with a back cover instead of the front one, because foxes are way cooler than random horned demons)
The Austin, TX amplified cavemen Quttinirpaaq need to emit some signals about their very existence every once in a while, and each time the effects are deafening and lo-fi as fuck. With a sludgy opening reminisent of The Goslings or early Skullflower, Let’s Hang Out later delves into a more stoner friendly territory, with overdriven, brutally fuzzy stoner and psychedelic rock pieces filling the vinyl with relentless narcotic bliss. There are definitely some killer riffs here, all hidden under waves of distortion and crunchy production that turns the guitar into sheets of sandpaper, ready to peel your skin off. And the funniest thing is, you’re gonna be thankful for it. Instane, dirty and highly recommended!


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