PC Worship – Basement Hysteria


[ Northern Spy, 2015 ]

The basement. That dark, dank, often scummy part of the house or a building forever sheltered from the sunlight, hidden underground. Created with a noble idea of providing a space for keeping food or water heater, the basement got mugslinged in popular culture in recent decades for being a place of choice for murderers to kill and murder people or a place for residence for anti-social Internet-addicted outcasts also known as “basement dwellers”. But, in the world of music, the basement might be just an important as the recording itself – Bob Dylan even named one of his albums The Basement Tapes.

The basement was also the recording space for PC Worshipone of New York’s more notorious noise rock units. On the newest album (EP?) they explore a space between the melodic catchiness of alternative rock with sludgy, distorted malignant noise rock with some excursion into stoner metal zones (like the magnificently slow “My Lens”), while always staying in the thick soup of amplification and guitar filth. If Basement Hysteria is anything like a cabin fever, then things are going to get bloody.


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