Heroiny – Ahh-Ohh


[ DUNNO Recordings, 2015 ]

After recording a number of albums under his own name, Piotr Kurek decides to take a little detour into a bit more chaotic zones as Heroiny. He describes Ahh-Ohh as “Jandek house”, fusing his passion for sample-rich rhythm-heavy songs with dissonant guitar strums in the vein of Mr. Sterling Smith. While it might feel terrible in text, the effect is surprisingly pleasant: the fusion of precise house-y beats with guitar which sounds like playing by itself simply works. The album is also incredibly enjoyable for the sheer fact of how unpretentious it is: there is some strange charm in its simple title and effortless album cover and its strange descriptions, like “gay funk”, but it all feels refreshing and simply fun. Despite bringing up the name of Jandek there are no tortured emotions here, the album feels like an elaborate construction built of Legos which has some flaws, which only make the whole stronger. Recommended!


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