Angel 1 – Rex


[ Beer on the Rug, 2015 ]

Do you have ADHD? No? Then Angel 1‘s newest album Rex must be like ADHD in the aural form for those not suffering from the disorder. While all Angel 1 releases are frantic Internet Musique Concrete collages, Rex must be the most frantic and tightly packed to date. Always jumping all over the map, never settling on a single idea, it’s the perfect representation of the hyper-acceleration of the modern networks, it’s often overhwelming and downright tiring, but just like with many popular websites you just keep listening (browsing) despite the fact you’re morbidly tired. Autotune, glitches, weird samples, MIDI tunes, you name it – Rex is like a musical equivalent of Internet chum, yet it’s still very compelling, even addictive, to keep listening and absorbing. You’re trapped in a machine. There is no escape. Just blend in. Everything will be fine.


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