Beat Detectives – Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress


[ Where To Now?, 2015 ]

Whoah! What is even going on here!? New York City’s Beat Detectives are some sly motherfuckers, escaping any attempts at pinpointing their sound with each release. While Climate Change (also released this year) was a lo-fi club adventure, 100% SILK style; their cassette Boogie Chillen /  The Hills of Cypress feels like a completely insane take on both plunderphonics and West Coast hip-hop genres (hence the title, bringing Cypress Hill to mind immediately). Some 100 minutes of mutated beats are divided into four almost 25-minute long tracks with more or less warped lo-fi structures that constantly melt and dissolve into each other – with a lot of weird spoken word / sung samples which linger in the background like resin on a glass pipe. Utterly strange and highly recommended!


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