Le Révélateur – Fictions


[ Gneiss Things, 2011 ]

This release isn’t new, but it’s definitely something worth writing about, especially since Le Révélateur decided to upload it to his Bandcamp. Before Roger Tellier-Craig decided to go for the hyperactive sonic pointillism on last year’s Extreme Events, he was a Berlin school acolyte, going for lenghty, droney pieces revolving around lovely psychedelic arpeggios and analog ambience. Fictions is a highlight of that earlier era, a peak of hiss retro-futurism from 2011. Side A’s “Receiving Mirages” takes the cake here, gradually unfolding all its beatific synthesized glory in a series of cascading textures and melodies, adding each element to the sequence of sounds with each minute. A truly magical and deep record, now available for streaming. Highly recommended!


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