Burnt Hills – Pipe Dream


[ Psi Lab Tapes, 2015 ]

Every now and then, I keep wondering on why the term “free rock” isn’t used more widely and more liberally. Sure, fans and music critics alike love to use terms like free jazz, free improvisation or even free folk, but “free rock” still seems as something abstract, or even worse, absurd. But there are bands which fit the bill perfectly – including the American unit Burnt Hills, who are some of the most faithfull followers of the tradition of improvised, wandering six-string music which ofen still falls under the umbrella term of psychedelic rock. Is it psychedelic? Not that much, actually. Its power lies rather in the length and the varied structure than relying on otherworldly effects supposed to imitate the effects of psychedelic drugs. Pipe Dream is more like a generative algorithm turned into a rock song, a set of badass riffs and occasional soloing and noodling which turns into this huge, mapless swamp of amplified rock sound. Lovely album to get lost in. Recommended!


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