555 – Arcosanta

MG79-555_arcosanta_cover[ Moon Glyph, 2015 ]

There’s this funny thing about ambient music. A lot of people laugh that it all sounds the same, and it’s partially true; after all, how much further can you take music without any structure and focused on texture rather than rhythm and melody? But some acts manage to miraculously stand out from the ambient crowd with some magic touch, giving them a bit of their own style. Chris Farstad’s 555 project is one of them. On yet another cassette released on Moon Glyph, 555 proves he’s truly the Time Architect with glassy and glossy synth patterns, deep New Age meditations and overhwelming psychedelic atmosphere making one quickly forget all their Eearthly problems. This is truly a nugget of psychedelic magic. Highly recommended!


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