Mazut – #1


BDTA, 2015 ] 

“We are not musicians”, the people behind experimental project Mazut state in the liner notes on their debut album’s Bandcamp page. Indeed, the album feels somewhat accidental and undecided in what style to take after all, but it still manages to push forward. While the opening track is a repetitive piece of lo-fi mutant techno, the second track is a brooding drone/ambient soundscape. The third track is yet another piece of mutated techno/house beats gone wrong/self-sentient… and so on. #1 is more of a conceptual album than an actual music album in a sense that the creators (since they don’t want to call themselves musicians…) take their source sounds from all sounds of re-used cassette detritus and literal garbage, including cassette tapes found in the trash. Interesting and somewhat hypnotic.



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