Location Services – Music For Quiet Rooms


[ Beer On the Rug, 2016 ]

Location Services open up 2016 with a deceptive album for Beer On the Rug label. Of course, you are excused if you thought of vaporwave when seeing the name or the album cover. Despite the opening track’s corporate field recording aesthetics hinting at the v-word, Music For Quiet Rooms goes much deeper than that. It’s a beautiful meditation that leaves the sterile office environments and goes into the meadows and woods with the acoustic guitar and a harp. The album plays like a typical corporate drone who decides to suddenly quit his 9 to 5 job, pack up, leave the city and decide to rent a semi-ruined cottage in the countryside to make Eno-inspired guitar/harp ambience out of thin air. Great for relaxation and these brief periods of disconnecting from the glowing stream of Information. Recommended!


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