Chalaque – Switching Center


[ Golden Lab Records, 2015 ] 

The Manchester monster trip unit Chalaque is keeping the ethos of a power trio alive and well; spearheaded by the guitarist Nick Mitchell and backed by the bassist Dylan Hughes and drummer Pascal Nichols, this amorphous freewheeling lysergic being is trying to keep the balance between good ol’ psych rock jamming and the endless chasm of free improvisation and I must say, the balance is pretty much perfect. Recorded in raw, live settings and pretty much without any post-recording studio fuckery, Switching Center is as true as possible: losing your mind after drinking a few beers and smoking a few joints in the front row, flailing like a fish out of water, not giving a fuck whether you look like a total fucking idiot, just taking the music in with every inch of your body, experiencing it harder that you ever could. That’s the psychedelic spirit. It’s raw, it’s somewhat lo-fi, sometimes it’s painfully lost, but it’s still the tripRecommended!


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