Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Horse Dance


[ Rocket Recordings, 2015 ]

Confession time: I was never a big fan of psychedelia with vocals – I preferred my music to be meandering, trippy and completely wordless. With a few notable exceptions, of course – like Isobel Sollenberger providing some drugged-out beauty to the music of Bardo Pond or Roki Erikson’s insane vocals for the 13th Floor Elevators – but other than that, I’d prefer psych rock to be silent. However, now came a time for another exception: Stockholm based psych assault from Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. Compared to the previous two, Josefin Öhrn sounds more like an acolyte of Ian MacKaye, with surprisingly “sober” vocals for a genre that loves to tinker with all sorts of studio trickery and sound effects to enhance the experience. The music is far from the lysergic abandon of jam rockers: it keeps much more to the discipline and overwhelming rhythms of krautrock, allowing itself to go a little wild with a fuzzy guitar solo here and there. But it appears it’s Mrs Öhrn who keeps everything in place. Good job, great album! Recommended!


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