Aluk Todolo – Voix


[ The Ajna Offensive / Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2016 ]

Black Krautrock. That’s a phrase that’s getting thrown a lot whenever the French trio Aluk Todolo is mentioned. Though they prefer to call their style “occult rock”, the krautrock and black metal influences are still obviously the most visible and tangible in all of the band’s work to date, including their newest release, Voix. The newest album continues the tangled, densely psychedelic stylings of 2012’s Occult Rock, spiralling the listener down toward the insanely paced malevolent hell. With its cover clearly a homage to Aleister Crowley’s Konx Om Pax, the album is sure to pull the listener into an unholy marriage of psychedelic rock and black metal, fusing thick walls of distortion and guitar effects with cold aesthetics and insanely tight drum work that often goes straight into blast-beats. Another blackened masterpiece from Aluk Todolo. Highly recommended!


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