Chris Schlarb – Psychic Temple


[ Asthmatic Kitty, 2010 ]

Long Beach based composer Chris Shlarb leads the collective of jazz musicians also known as Psychic Temple. Their self-titled debut album shows the unique oceangazing sound, a slow, ambiental deconstruction of free jazz which pulses gently and slowly and feels like a result of cross-polination of Brian Eno and Tortoise. It’s spacious and expansive, and feels like a mild psychedelic high. Sun Ra would be proud. Recommended!

There is a brand new album entitled III which is coming out May 6th. You can also check out other works by Chris Schlarb on his Bandcamp page.

Grykë Pyje – Fragments of High Sensitivity


[ Ikuisuus, 2016 ] 

Grykë Pyje is a child of a collaboration between Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin). This Finnish-German creature is a strange and wonderful one, constantly flickering and blinking with disorienting lights and patterns, creating a strange soundworld closer to the pulsing trippertronics of Astral Social Club than the strange folk sensitivity of both Uton and Baldruin. Fragments of High Sensitivity is an utterly weird electronic affair, briging together the elements of drone, ambient, psychedelia and all sorts of sound/recorded sounds processed beyond all recognition in an attempt to create a totally alien soundworld, like a visitor from another galaxy landing in the middle of wild German/Finnish woodlands and slowly exploring all plants and animals with extreme caution. Really, really strange, but recommended!

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – Trust the Guide and Glide


[ Leaving Records, 2016 ]

You might know the Los Angeles based composer/producer and Leaving Records honcho Matthew McQueen for his mind bending, psychedelic hip-hop beats that got the interest of Flying Lotus himself, leading to a few collaborations. But Matthew’s newest venture, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight might be a completely new experience. On Trust the Guide and Glide, he abandon’s abstract hip-hop beats (or any beats at all, for that matter) for sprawling, endless New Age ambience full of natural soundscapes and featuring (sometimes) some fully natural field recordings. But more importantly, it’s an important statement of a new direction, going for visionary, melting psychedelia rather than urban highs. It’s like switching from weed to DMT, the albums engulfs you whole and all you can feel is pure joy. Highly recommended!

Wacław Zimpel – Lines


[ Instant Classic, 2016 ]

Polish clarinetist and improviser Wacław Zimpel has slowly built his name over the years through collaborations with other acclaimed musicians, such as Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake or Evan Ziporyn. In 2016, he released his solo album under the name Lines to explore the possibilities of minimalism and polirythmia and the results are glorious. Influenced by La Monte Young, Terry Riley or Steve Reich, Zimpel builds cascading, multi-level compositions which build layers upon layers of melodies and interlocking melodies using the clarinet as the main instrument, often adding long, sprawling droning notes to enhance the mood. Highly recommended!

Guerilla Toss – Eraser Stargazer


[ DFA Records, 2016 ]

The new release by the Boston/Brooklyn Guerilla Toss sees the band create a fully fleshed-out sound, much more dancey than their previous releases, combining noise rock skronk and no wave atonality with dance punk aesthetics. Meaty bass, maniacal drumming and the wonderfully unhinged manner of the vocalist Kassie Carlson sounding like the perfect amalgam of Lydia Lunch and Daniel Martin McCormick will leave you stomping your foot and nodding your head to those crazy rhythms for days. New York City might be cleaner, safrer and more gentrified these days, but the spirit of No Wave lives on. Recommended!

The White Feather Collective – My Body is a Vessel


[ Self-released, 2016 ]

Every once in a while it’s time to just chill, you know what I mean? Just play some Technicolor-tinged vintagey psych rock to you just make you super relaxed while you’re smoking a lovely joint that transports you away from the dirty, deep techno or glitchy stuff of the modern music scene, that kind of stuff? Well, the British blokes from The White Feather Collective might just have the answer to your needs. My Body is a Vessel is something betweena  single and an EP, a sunkissed panorama of surf/psych rock instrumental impressions that make you think of the most summery moments of Causa Sui. Recommended to put this album on your phone on the next trip to the woods/hills/mountains. Fuck it, recommended in general.

St. Francis Duo – Peacemaker Assembly


[ Trost Records, 2016 ]

St. Francis Duo is an explosive free drone unit formed by guitarist Stephen O’Malley and drummer Steve Noble. On Peacemaker Assembly O’Malley breaks up with the ultra-distortion of Sunn O))) and goes for equally droning and psychedelic, yet less amplified and more liquid areas, while Steve Noble keeps showering everything with a deluge of crashes and cymbals in a frenzy of free improv drumming. SOMA’s drones are slow and monumental, yet somewhat nearly ambiental in nature, providing a transformative backdrop for Noble’s insane drum assaults. At times it even feels like a less harsh version of La Morte Young. Deep psychedelic free improvisation to help you achieve higher states. Recommended!