LLS & Kordian Trudny – LKLTS


[ Plexus of Infinity, 2016 ]

Deeply psychedelic urban soundcapes from two major industrial cities of Poland: Katowice (collected by rising underground plunderphonic singer/songwriter Kordian Trudny) and Łódź (caught by ambientalist Adam Mańkowski, operating under the alias Limited Liability Sound). Each fragment combines heavily processed urban recordings and/or wordless, cut-up vocals creating a thick ambient soup built around rumbling, deep pulses. Despite originally coming from urban centres filled with crowds of people, traffic and smog, the finished, processed works feel like shining gems of tranquility. They feel like finding an untounched piece of nature in the middle of a city, a small park or a forest empty of noise or the presence of other humans, just you and the sound to get lost in forever. The city emits strange vibes. Listen to the city, and the city will speak. Highly recommended!


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