Majeure – Union of Worlds


[ Constellation Tatsu, 2015 ]

True Berlin School radiates from the work of Pittsburgh based synth wizard A.E. Pattera, a.k.a. Majeure (who’s also one half of Carpenter-core unit Zombi). On Union of Worlds, he continues along the lines set up by Klaus Schulze in the 1970’s and hones them to perfection, building ascending sequences of epic analog synthesizer sound like Gothic cathedrals, built to tower above surrounding towns for hundreds of years. The cassette intertwines delicate, bright ambient ballads (the absolutely otherworldly opener “Overmind”) with “harder”, more sequencer-driven, cinematic pieces that offer a darker mood. There’s even space for some skeletal techno on “Posthuman”, feeling like an alien-operated chrome factory of human-like simulacra. Union of Worlds is inded an union – an union between the bright and the dark, the New Age and the Techno, the past and the future. Just accept the compromise and chill. Recommended!


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