Grykë Pyje – Fragments of High Sensitivity


[ Ikuisuus, 2016 ] 

Grykë Pyje is a child of a collaboration between Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin). This Finnish-German creature is a strange and wonderful one, constantly flickering and blinking with disorienting lights and patterns, creating a strange soundworld closer to the pulsing trippertronics of Astral Social Club than the strange folk sensitivity of both Uton and Baldruin. Fragments of High Sensitivity is an utterly weird electronic affair, briging together the elements of drone, ambient, psychedelia and all sorts of sound/recorded sounds processed beyond all recognition in an attempt to create a totally alien soundworld, like a visitor from another galaxy landing in the middle of wild German/Finnish woodlands and slowly exploring all plants and animals with extreme caution. Really, really strange, but recommended!


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