Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS


[ Western Vinyl, 2016 ]

The newest album by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is not as much a trip but rather an odyssey through modular analog electronics and ethereal vocals processed to the point of becoming day-glo glossolalia. Smith masterfully bridges the past and the future, throwing some wide-eyed folktronica and outsider jazz into the mix (“Envelop”, “Rare Things Grow”, “Stratus”), while staying deeply in love with the Buchla synthesizer, which is still the main tool of work here. You’ll find all the progressive synth eargasm material here – cascades of arpeggios, soft sequences, lengthy drones, but enriched with angelic vocals or intriguing songwriting ideas. Highly recommended!

Kucharczyk – Brak


Mik.Musik.!. / BDTA,  2016 ]

Wojciech Kucharczyk, the bespectacled techno demon from Poland, comes back with a new album of tongue-in-cheek 120 BPM sample-laden insanity. Brak (“lack” in Polish) is filled with absurd sense of humor, and the titles switching from Polish to English combine weird puns (“Kanye was not here, he was in the West”). The album combines a stream of consciousness approach with broken synths, warped melodies and an awkward sense of rhythm. Kucharczyk is a bit like James Ferraro, but more danceable (with the exception of some weirdo freakouts here and there) and somehow more digestible. Highly recommended! For the mad scientists.