Ex-Terrestrial – Paraworld


[ 1080p, 2016 ]

What’s that? Weed Temple is not dead? Apparently, it’s not! I survived a week during the Woodstock Festival, the mud and the dust didn’t kill me, so I can survive pretty much anything at this point. Anyway, it’s time to go back, and it’s gonna be with this mellow banger (isn’t that an oxymoron?) from Adam Feingold. Clearly inspired by Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, Ex-Terrestrial glides softly between ambient techno (“Paraworld”) and prime time stoner’s delight (“Blue Smoke” proves that the Amen Break will NEVER go old, no matter how many millions of times it was already used) to give you some of the best late night listening sessions of 2016. Highly recommended!


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