Hippies Wearing Muzzles – Animist Pools


[ Human Pitch, 2016 ]

Synthesizers! Synths!! What’s not to love!? The Denver based Hippies Wearing Muzzles have the similar shimmering, bouncy, labirynthine approach to electronic music as Europe’s DSR Lines, but Animist Pools appear much more composed and focused, rather than semi- or fully improvised. HWM is almost pop-like by comparison: quirky melodies bounce all over the place, like a ray of sunlight entering a gallery of mirrors, causing a cascade of ripples and reflections that appearing disorienting at first, but turn out to be truly fascinating after a minute or two. Animist Pools is thoroughly enjoyable listen: it reminds one how much fun can be had with just a simple synthesizer, or a few of them. Recommended!


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