Torn Hawk – Union and Return


[ Mexican Summer, 2016 ]

The year is 2016, and we’re entering an era of fear and terror. Humanity is in crisis, and the ugly beast of fascism looms over half of the world while terrorists get more radical than ever. Where’s the escape? Luke Wyatt a.k.a. Torn Hawk seeks solace in 19-th century German romanticism, inspired by nature and his residence in Berlin. Even with a cover that looks like a futuristic, digital version of Neuschwanstein Castle the album is a marriage of simplicity and futurism, pushing Wyatt’s distint vaporwave-y downtempo even further, adding modern classical arrangements inspired, again, by German 19-th century composers. It’s an optimistic album, with lots of gleeful, illuminated ambience surrouding the lush inspirational soundscapes. Union and Return will turn every young Werther into a Silicon Valley start-up whiz kid. Recommended!


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