Mammatus – Sparkling Waters


[ Spiritual Pajamas, 2015 ]

Nearly a decade after their 2006 self-titled debut, the Corralitos, CA based psych/prog rockers Mammatus are back with their 4th album, which may be very well their best – and definitely the most diverse.

It seems that on Sparkling Waters, the musicians decided to make up for their 2013 LP, Heady Mental, which at times seemed tad rushed and underdeveloped. On the newest release they are back with heads full of fresh ideas, however never breaking up with some classic sounding blend of 60’s psych and 70’s prog. They expand their sound even more in some very nice directions, taking cues from modern post-rock without falling into the sea of pretensiousness (which, unfortunately, happens way too often in both modern prog and post-rock), and even ambient and progressive electronic music – like the standout synth-based suite “Sparkling Waters Part Two”. The guitarists here are really talented and it seems like they’ve taken their flowery-yet-technical style to the new heights, however still keeping the balance between psychedelic freakout without falling into six-string soloing wankery. Quite possibly the best Mammatus album since their debut, if not the best one. It’s up to you to decide, dear listener. Nonetheless, highly recommended!


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