Vibracathedral Orchestra – Unnatural With Pain​-​Relief


[ Krayon Recordings, 2015 ]

The British-based drone lords Vibracathedral Orchestra were always about two things: The Drone and The Repetition. Be it hi-fi or lo-fi, this musical collective have been exploring the outer limits of psychedelia for almost 20 years (beginning in 1998), releasing dozens of albums and EP’s all over the musical underground throughout the years. Their newest release so far is the 2015’s Unnatural With Pain-Relief – a rusted, looping trip built around tribal rhythms, a primitive guitar anti-riff, fried circuits and electronic fuckery at the lowest level, all working together to create an unpenetrable sonic maze designed to suck you in and not allowing you to escape, even if you become the Minotaur himself. May be not the best VCO material ever, but still manages to be really mysterious and disorienting.


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