[ Not Not Fun, 2011 ]

2k11 was the last really great year for the weirdoes, reads one nostalgic post on the of KWJAZ, a one-time wonder from San Francisco whose self-titled album, first released on tape (and immediately sold out) on Brunch Grouppe, only to be swiftly reissued on vinyl by the LA psych foundry Not Not Fun Records. And what a weirdo this KWJAZ dude is! (was?)  The album seems to be constructed to escape any attempt at coherent description or genre association. It’s a gigantic hyper-hazy super-psychedelic mix-up of warped Kosmische Musik, stoned funk, cloudy jazz and fluid plunderphonics, shifting from one strange phase to another in a seamless flow that glues the two side-long compositions together. A really strange gem from five years ago. Highly recommended!


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